Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Physical Education InTECHgration Using the SWINXS Active Gaming Console

This is a video of a teaching segment I did using the SWINX active gaming console. I created it with the intention of it being an instant activity or station activity where students will get work on the majority of the components of health and skill related physical fitness. I also integrated mathematics into the lesson to give it an academic aspect. Personal and social responsibility, cooperation, communication, and goal setting are all smaller aspects of this lesson, but still present.

If I could do it again, I would have had visual aids depicting the movement and exercise I want them to do at and between each checkpoint. I also would have been more clear and concise in my instructions.

The SWINXS active gaming console is an excellent technology tool for physical educators. There are a great deal of innovative activities you can do using the SWINXS console. One excellent idea is to have a SWINXS based activity as an instant activity that students can begin once they enter the gymnasium. This will get students meaningful and relevant movement to warm them up and it will be done quickly and efficiently to save time in the overall lesson.

Equipment used: SWINXS console and wristbands, two cones, two large dice.

For only $150.00, the SWINXS console can be a great tool for any physical educator. It is worth the investment and can be used as the backbone for many new and innovative activities.

Check out the lesson below!

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